About Us


Jack Potcity had always been fond of jewelries since she was a kid.

He started creating jewelries made from beads at a young age. He knew right then that he wanted to be a jewelry maker. He enrolled on classes in jewelry making and enhanced her skills by creating jewelries for loved ones.

It didn’t take long and he started selling the pieces that he made. His store opened in 2005 and quickly became a hit to the locals. The words spread about his jewelries and customers from different places started to see what he had to offer.

His online store started operation in 2012 to reach more clients all over the Germany. He hired skilled artisans who share his passion in creating handmade jewelries to meet the needs of his growing market. Jack is still hands-on when it comes to the design and creation of the jewelries as he wants to make sure that the quality that her jewelries have been known for remain the same.